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In Memory of Andrew Brietbart


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 Here under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, I will be connecting Brietbart’s discovery of what he promised to reveal in his vetting of President Barack Obama during Election 2012.  Two weeks before having the questionable heart attack and died at the age of 43.

Unraveling Andew Brietbart's "Bombshell" Vetting President Obama

 Brietbart left a Political Bombshell behind. It was hidden in the Photo and the Video of a "Radical" Barry Obama.)  One problem, it wasn't President Obama.  It was actually his "Decoy" Barry Obama.  Two separate Individuals.  The Media and President Obama stated "Barry" was merely Obama's nickname.

Barry Obama Protesting at Harvard in 1991

If you prefer, click on link of video and meet the “radical” Barry Obama


                                                                                 A Close-Up Snapshot of Barry Obama 
                   Meet President Obama's Decoy (Double).  Take a good look because at times, you will think that's President Obama.

Excerpt referring to Professor Bell

This is a man so extreme that, as we’ve reported, he wrote a story in 1993 in which he posited that white Americans would sell black Americans into slavery to aliens to relieve the national debt, and that Jews would go along with it.”


The Greatest Masters of Identity Theft taught me how to recognize Identity Theft

The Mack Daddy of the Publishing Industry

 Author Solutions of Bloomington, Indiana

Author Solutions

Here, the credit is being given to my publisher, Author Solutions who was owned by Bertram Capital Management of San Mateo, California at the time my book was published in 2009 until 2012.  Also credit goes to the Penguin Group who purchased Author Solutions in July 2012 to date who picked up as a cover for Bertram Capital Management money laundering Ponzi.

I took very good notes from the great masters of Identity Theft, Author Solutions in understanding the art of “Bait and Switch” Identity Theft. For three long and painful years, I learnt from the great masters of Identity Theft and Ponzi of over 70,000 first time authors ’books royalties through the book’s ISBN ‘Bait and Switch’ Identity Theft.  It’s designed to lure Middle Class Investors with stolen authors’ book royalties into their money laundering Ponzi by Bertram Capital Management of San Mateo, California.   To make sure that I was paying attention, these gangsters in suits cracked my knuckles every quarter from my book royalties to get my attention.


Without Author Solutions’ teaching, I would never have been able to understand and connect the Identity Thefts in the ‘Bait and Switch’ Birth Certificate of President Obama, Barry Obama as the Decoy and Impersonator for President Barack Hussein Obama and Dreams of My Father by President Barack Obama as Identity Theft hoaxes.

The Unraveling of the Photo from Obama’s Academic in 1991 to the ending of the United State Senate Race - Obama vs. Keyes in 2004

                                                                                                      Photo by Brietbart


So why is President Obama’s impressive career record sealed from the American people?  President Obama’s academic career belonged to the “Mack Daddy,” Barry Obama.


                                                  President Obama’s Decoy and Impersonator through “Bait and Switch” Identity Theft


Wipedika Collection of Photos

                                                                  Aka Barack Obama and Barry Soreteo (as an adult)

Academic Career of Barry Obama

Occidental College - 1979

On Campus - Notice Barry is holding a cup with his right hand.  President Obama is left-handed

Attended the Columbia University in New York in 1981

Barry entered as a “foreign student” under the name of Barry Soetoro - Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham’s son legal adoptive name through Identity Theft.

 In order for Barry Obama to gain admission at Columbia University under a “foreign student” who sought financial aid as Barry Soetoro in 1981, the following had to have occurred:  Identity Theft of Barry Soetoro by Barry Obama.   Secondly, it proved that Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham had sent her son, Barry Soetoro to a university in Indonesia.   Since Hawaii is one of the 50 states in America, Barry Obama wouldn’t have been classified as a “foreign student” entering Columbia University.


            Barry Obama

Stanley Ann Dunham had indicated in her divorce paper of August 20, 1980, that she “had a 19 year old at the University.

             Barry Sotoero (oldest photo from Breitbart's photos)                

           Still has the same Round Face

                     Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham and her son  Barry Soetero                                                                    


Prior to Harvard

Community Organizer in Chicago – Barry Obama

After Columbia, we were told Obama moved to Chicago, where he became the Director of Developing Communities in Chicago's south side

Photo from Wipkiedia

         Barry Obama’s Long Standing Relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

                                                                          Barry Obama with Wright                                                                                              


                                                                 The Girlfriend of Barry Obama                                                                  


Commencement at Harvard

Barry Obama center on Second Row

Photo depicted a right-handed Barry Obama at Harvard holding a book.


A Comparative Profile of Barry Obama and President Barack Obama

Barry Obama has an Inverted Shaped Triangle Face/with a widow's peak.  The only difference between the Inverted Triangle and the heart shaped faces, the heart has a widow's peak. 

                                                                                                           heart face shape male   

                                                                                   Main characteristics of Inverted Triangle

                                 Barry's widow peak in the center of his forehead.  It is only visible when he has a very low haircut.                             


                                                               Photo by Brietbart


                 The Face is slightly longer than wide

                 Jaw-line is long and pointed

                 The sides of his face taper from the forehad to the jaw

                  His forehead is the widest part of the face or the same width as the cheekbones

President Obama has a Rectangular Shaped Face

Main Characteristic of a Rectangular

Face is definitely longer than the width

male rectangle face shape


The jaw is broad and your jaw-line is square

The sides of your face are straight -- your forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line are the same width

Your hairline is most likely straight

Notes were taken on Facial Analysis from the website:   


        Profile Analysis                


Barry Obama                                                                              President Obama

Predominately right-handed                                                    Predominately left-handed

Racial views, hung out with Bill Ayers, etc.                            No history of being in the US before 1992

Has more of a combatant-style personality                           Masked through deception, and  joking

Spontaneous in speaking off the  cuff on the issues               Has to rely on the Telepromter of what someone has

                                                                                                        dictated into it.  If not goes off message.


                                                                  Major difference between Senator Barry Obama and President Obama

                                                                           Photo by Brietbart


53 seconds that should end a presidency

             Click on Video -   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_AAMa_X2dM                                  

                                                                                        1:10 min.

Extremrly heavy cigarette smoker                                               I don't recall seeing President Obama smoking in public

Former top high school basketball player                                    Love to play and watch basketball

Exremely heavy Pot smoker in his youth                                    Devote Muslim - no drugs or pork

It was Barry Obama in the photo smoking pot.  Right handed

Brietbart photo

       President Obama is left-handed

        What happened when Barry Obama "the Decoy" and President Obama took center court?

                                                                                       President Obama                  Barry Obama                                                                              Brietbart   

Folks, what you have seen up until now were merely walks in the park.  Now let’s see what happened when the Great Decoy and the Great Pretender take separate center courts.

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