Who is Democrat President Barack Obama?

 He‘s a mystery created in the image of former Democrat President Bill Clinton.   President Obama is a man with a hidden past to nowhere.


                                           Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton, even if he can’t control him

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        Dr. Stanley Ann Durham and my book, An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 shared the same commonality:  Identity Theft  

I am the only one that can prove the truth that President Barack Hussein Obama Jr., has no lineage to Dr. Stanley Ann Durham Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Sr.    It will be proven that Ann Durham never knew that her family was victims through Identity Theft.  It has taken me 3.6 months to compile the evidence through the lenses of the camera, and key documents left behind by the late Andrew Brietbart to finally bring closure to this chilling and jaw-dropping revelation.

My final mission from God in “dirty politics” will be unmasking the Great Pretender, Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.  With Donald Trump and the late Andrew Brietbart’s blazing paths of key information that they left behind, I am able to make the connections needed to complete the conclusion of An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 for my Dad ending my ten year journey in “Dirty Politics, and Identity Theft.”

It was built around the Identity Theft of Dr.  Stanley Ann Dunham’s family to give legitimacy to President Barack Hussein Obama under Article II of the United States Constitution:


“No person except a natural born Citizen...

  On January 21, 2013, once President Obama was sworn into office, as one reporter stated, “On a stack of Bible, “ The Bible had been fulfilled of what Daniel in the Old Testament of Daniel, and Jesus’ beloved Discipline John prophesied of the Biblical Antichrist that left America in peril.  God spoke to me and stated, “Look at Obama’s photos on the Internet.”  Up until then, I had never paid the photos any attention due to wrapping up the second part of the mission that occurred after Obama took office.  It involved “Identity Theft” of stolen book royalties of over 70,000 authors’ book through ‘Bait and Switch’ of their ISBNs with a t0 digit that led to “nowhere” by the parent company, Bertram Capital Management of San Mateo, California of  dba Author Solutions Publishing of Bloomington, Indiana currently owned by the Penguin Group.

The Conclusion to An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 is a spelling binding shocker that will leave you aghast beyond your wildest imagination.   I thought surely after personally witnessing “Dirty Politics” and Identity Theft, nothing could leave me speechless.  I knew that when God steps in, it’s much greater than most have the sheer ability to comprehend a certain degree of evil and deception.  It took 3.6 months to get my arms around the full gravity of this shocker with morning and evening prayers.  I want to thank all the people who kept me in their prayers while going up against the principality of evil.  The enemy is in disguise, and you cannot recognize him, it’s like trying to fight the wind.  You can feel it, hear it, but you don’t know how to counteract its movements.   Once again, I was literally sitting in God’s lap.  I not only asked for protection around my home, I asked for protection for the city that I live in, and the entire State of Ohio to be covered under the blood of Jesus Christ.  There was no humanely way, I could have gotten through this mission of “Vetting Obama” without my Dad.

 The draft version from my upcoming sequel, Memoir of Dirty Politics – My Final Journey came at the request from the top, my Dad, the Living God.  First, Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., has to be exposed.

By Author Emmie Ross

    Part I          

The Seven Warnings Given to President Barack Obama Inspired by God

Excerpt – An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics – Self-published 8/2008

(Along with the limited 30 copies, the first book went to Republican Mark Foley from God to clear him of the charges brought against by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  The second went to a heavy supporter of Obama to be given to him.  I am confident that Obama received the copy,. If not, I am sure one of the 49 Mainstream New Media alerted Obama after secretly requesting the 2nd Edition, An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 was published in June 2009).


Message to Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama from the Living God

June 4, 2008

The first warning from God to Obama

Mr. Obama,

“Here you have an opportunity to prove to the world without a shadow of doubt, which God that you serve.  The Living God of:  Abraham, Isaac, Jacobs, and Moses or the false god of Satan.  You cannot serve two Gods which go against My Ten Commandments.

You confess that you are a Christian over and over to the world.  You have convinced many of your faith, your belief in what they perceive to be ME, but have refused to acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Now, it is time for you to prove yourself.  My people have a right to know the truth .  First of all, I want you to read the meaning of a Christian listed below.  I am aware of the many false prophets who confess My name but are leading my people astray.  I am aware that you are a great orator, and very capable of spinning a lie into the truth which I am not please with.

The Apostle’s Creed

“I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of the heavens and earth.”

I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary.  He suffered under Pontius Pilate, he was crucified, died and was buried; he descended into hell.  The third day rose again from the dead.  He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.  From there he will come to judge the living and dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, his resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

In closing God continued, “Mr. Obama, if you still feel that you are a Christian then I want you to confess the following to the world.

 ·                                 I want you to acknowledge that Jesus is your Savior.

·                                   Then take Michelle and your two daughters and walk away from the Democrat Party which is an abomination to Me.”

              Obama refused and praised Islam.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

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The Second Warning from God to President Obama

We Expect from our Politicians

                Excerpt – Government by the People, Twentieth Edition

We expect a lot from our politicians.  We expect them to operate within the rule of democracy and to be honest, humbled and sensitive to the needs of others, well-informed, competent, fair-minded, and inspirational.  They must be candidates of all the people, not just the ones who are rich.  They must not want power for itself but lead because of concern for the public good.  They must be willing to do the job and get out when finished.

Obama refused to comply.  It went in one ear and out the other.

 The Third Warning from God

    The Qualification for President of the United States

      Article II Constitution of the United States                

              Page one of the original copy of the Constitution



No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution in 1788, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.


        Obama refused to comply because it just some words on a crumpled sheet of paper – merely worthless!  It doesn’t apply to me!

The Oath of Affirmation


I do solemnly swear  (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President  of the United States, and will to the best of Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States so help me God.


Obama stumbled and had to re-takes oath of office at the White House                                                                     


Raw: Obama Sworn in for Second Term - 2009

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2 Thessalonians 2:4

He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god and object of worship. As a result, he seats himself in the sanctuary of God and he declares that he is God.

International Standard Version (©2012)



Why bother if God’s Word isn’t respected?

   United State Senator Obama mocked the Bible that he later swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States


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           The Fourth Warning to President Obama

Article II of the United States Constitution

Section 4:  The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

President Obama still refused to comply.  I set my own rules, “I am the Man!”

  The Fifth Warning to President Obama

Photo by:  Wipedika

We the People message to President Barack Obama

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President Obama still refused to comply. “Man will accept my Illuminati New World Order of Socialism whether he likes it or not!"

The Sixth Warning to President Obama

Andrew Brietbart Announcing on Sean Hannity in March 2012, “In two weeks, I’ll be vetting Obama”

Andrew Breitbart by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg 

  In two weeeks, Brietbart died of a sudden heart a t the age of 43.

The Seventh and final warning my God to Obama

            Donald Trump offered President Barack Obama $5 Million to unseal his college transcript, passports and records, etc.


President Obama reply was  jokingly and shrugged it off with the following response:


The Second Michelle Obama

Photos by Briebart

Click on Trump's Video   p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYgW3_w3TS8

Donald Trump offered President Barack Obama $5 Million to unseal his college transcript, passports and records, etc.

president-obama-scandal                      (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)   




What is President Obama hiding from the American People in those sealed records?


We are moving into an area called “uncharted water” where most Americans are not knowledgeable and might find it difficult in understanding.  It is called “Identity Theft of Bait and Switch.”  I am going to lay it out in a basic term where anyone can understand the process.  It cannot be done with a two minute Television sound bite of News.


Photo by Brietbart

Part II

How President Obama obtained the fraudulent Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr through Identity Theft.

A Man without a Legal Identity


One of the most polarized and admired figures on the planet who told the world the following at the Democrat Convention in 2004 that whipped the audience into frenzy.   His name was Barack Obama Jr., and his parents were Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham from Kansas, and his father was Barack Obama Sr from Keya, Africa. 

Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack.

Photo by Brietbart
                                                             In Kenya proudly proclaiming it as the birthplace of Barack Obama

His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.”

Oh really State Senator Obama not so fast!  Let’s pause the tape and rewind back to the beginning in order to discover the facts behind the fraudulent Birth Certificate in your ownership.

Who’s the Mother?

No clue.  It wasn’t Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro as we were told from Kansas, home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


Who’s the Baby’s Daddy?

Here again, no clue!   It certainly wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Well who are the Natural Birth Parents of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.?

The Natural Birth Mother

Stanley Ann Dunham 1960 Mercer Island High School yearbook.jpg

Ann Dunham in 1960
Photo:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Dunham

How Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro became the most polarized victim on the planet after death through Identity Theft

Stanley Ann an unknowingly young impressionable teenager with an upcoming career, looking for love in all the wrong places. Unfortunately, she happened to fit the narrative of the Illuminati’s description of their storyline to bring an Arab Egyptian Muslin through the backdoor into the Oval Office.   Bill Clinton kept repeating back in 2003 that he was going to be the first “Black President” of the United States; he accomplished it through President Barack Obama in 2009.   Technically, President Obama is not a Black man.  He’s an Egyptian.  Most Americans have seen only the fair-skinned Egyptians in movies; that’s not a true picture of the original Egyptian people.  While living in Houston, Texas in the early 1990's, I met a guy who could actually have been the “decoy” for the extremely popular and dashing Black actor Billy Dee Williams.  He shared some interesting info on Egyptians.

 Meet the late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt

Rare Footage of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt – 1970s

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Through connecting the dots with the investigated work of Andrew Brietbart’s documented paper trail, I discovered that Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham never gave birth to President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., nor had she ever met him.  The two choreographed failed marriages through mental abuse, betrayal and abandonment were all part of a political setup that used Ann’s family for political expediency in establishing legitimacy for President Obama into the Oval Office through Identity Thefts.  Homemade apple pie and a girl from Kansas, how American could one become.  Ann Dunham Stanley fitted their narrative how they wanted to market President Obama to the American people; it worked.

The paper trail that led to the beginning of my shocking discovery through Identity Theft!

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. – the original owner of the Birth Certificate

            Round Shaped face  like his Daddy!  

                                 Maya Soetoro-Ng

"Barack Obama Sr., a native of  Kenya, met his future wife while they were students at the University of Hawaii. In 1963, he essentially abandoned his family to continue his studies at Harvard."

                                           The Father           Photo by Brietbart

                                                                             Barack Hussein Obama Jr.


Barack Obama Sr who first met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language class.  Ann would have been 17 ; Obama Sr.  between 23 and 25 in age.

                                     Photo by Brietbart                                                                                                                              

                                         Reconstructing a Time Line Using the Photo of 1959

                                                               Fall of 1959                                     Stanley Ann Dunham was a 17 year old high school senior

                                                               End of May 1960                          Stanley Ann graduated from high school at 17 years old.

                                                               September of 1960                     Stanley Ann enrolled at the University

                                                               October 1960                                  Stanley Ann became pregnant.   A minor (17 years of age)

                                                              November 29, 1960                   Stanley Ann turned 18 years of age                      

                                                             February 2, 1961                           Stanley Ann married Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

                                                            August 4, 1961                              Stanley Ann gave birth to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.


Ann Stanley Dunham’s Complaint for divorced against Barack Obama Sr.

 Ann’s own words filed in the court record on January 20, 1964 refuted her daughter Maya Soetoro-Ng's version above why Barack Sr., abandoned the marriage, ‘to continue his studies at Harvard.”  Ann stated the following about Barack Obama Sr:  "Inflicted such grievous mental suffering upon her over a course of not less than sixty  (60) days as to render the life of her burdensome and intolerable and further living together of Obama and her insupportable.”

 Two of Ann’s requests that were granted by the court:

1.       An absolute divorce from Barack Obama, Sr. 2.  Sole care and custody of Barack Hussein Obama Jr. (next chapter).

               With the upcoming of Election 2012, the White House had a "Birth Certificate" meltdown from a CBS polling.



To Quell Americans of Obama Legitimacy on April 27, 2011

           The White House did a Bait and Switch form of Identity Theft in releasing President Obama’s Birth Certificate.

Obama Birth Certificate


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