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The Draft Copy of © Memoir of Dirty Politics, My Final Journey by Author Emmie Ross is dedicated from the Living God to Evelyn and HIS People around the World to read and not be caught blindside. Evil and dirty politics can be defeated!

Final Draft Copy

 Testimony of Author Emmie Ross continued

American Traitors Within

The First Half of this Chapter will centered on the question: “Why would 49 Mainstream Media secretly requested a copy of my second edition book from the publisher which was published in June 2009?”

The Most Effective Tool Used By The Illuminati is The Mainstream Media

Media can play an important role in up-building a nation, while the same Media, being influenced by evil forces or vested interest, could turn into devastating element for any nation.

Author Unknown

Now, I understand why 49 Media secretly requested a copy of my 2nd Edition book published in June 2009 from the publisher. There was one slight little problem: I hadn't connected Mainstream Media role to the Angelo New World Order and Obama before the book was published.
I recalled something my soul mate told me as he helped prepared me for the second phase of my journey after my arrival in Northwest Ohio in 2009. “Emmie, you cannot be an Ernest Hemingway and write a bestseller sitting inside a mansion. You have to be there in the trenches every step of the way.” He was so right. There is no way humanely possible to write about “dirty politics” unless you are right there in the midst of the Inner Circle of the Illuminati. I was there at the start in January 2003, which later led me directly into the cross-fire of the Media Pimp protecting the Democratic Agenda in 2006, as the Congressional Independent Candidate. It was vicious as to what extreme that they would go through to protect their “Vested Interest” - the Democratic Party.

Mainstream Media is on board for a Liberal Political Coupe d'tate in overthrowing America

Role of Mainstream Media Pimp: Protect the Liberal Whore's (Democratic Party) Puppet, and it's Angelo New World Order to Enslave Mankind. In order to get it done, they needed a Black face as it's Leader to get it accomplished.
Being the first Black President was merely an effective “Cover” due to many race conscious Americans in selling Barack Obama back in 2009.
Dr. Kissinger on CNBC: “Barack Obama was the perfect person to sale The New World to the World.”
Henry Kissinger who gave Barack Obama his first job out of college told National Television (CNBC) that the economy collapse (2008) was a great opportunity to bring in the New World Order. He went on to say that Barack Obama was the perfect person to sale it to the world.
Kissinger: He (Obama) could give new empathy to American Foreign Policy particularly because the image of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his overall task would be to develop an overall strategy for America during this period. When really a New World Order can be created.  It is a great opportunity in the case of a financial crisis.

When Mainstream Media Became Influenced by Evil Forces from Within

Mainstream Media' s slobbering Lover Affair with Democrat President Barack Obama has mainly to do with their vested interest in what Obama represents – The Angelo New World Order which is housed in the Democratic Communist Party. That I didn't know back in 2005-2006.

Being the first Black President was merely an effective “Cover” due to many race-conscious Americans back in 2009. Obama is merely a “Puppet.” Obama is also merely a recipient of the first “Puppet” former Congressional Democrat Tim Mahoney of the 16th District of Florida. His designated role: Set the final formula in motion for a Downturn Economy through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Paving the way for a Democrat takeover in the House, Senate, and Obama in November Election 2008.

Yes, Mainstream Media got a battered Tim Mahoney to Congress in 2007 – Media's mission accomplished in their invested interest.

Excerpt- An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics - 2008
Our Founding Fathers fought to protect the Media in its Bill of Rights by giving fair and balanced reporting of the News that is affecting our country.   The Media was not designed to be a lynch mob for any political party to gain control of our government for their own agenda nor serve as a travesty of our justice system.
Setting the Record Straight on Mainstream Media and Barack Obama
The Media Lover's Affair didn't start with Barack Obama in 2008.  Oh no, it started with a non experienced Democrat Congressional Candidate named Tim Mahoney in the 16th District of Florida in July 2005.
Bill Clinton's Puppet before Obama in 2005
Tim Mahoney
Unaware, I will not know Mahoney was the First Beast (an Antichrist) in The Book of Revelation 13:2 until 2007 when God revealed it. From the moment we met in August 2005, after Mahoney unsuccessful attempt to bribe me to get out of the race until Election Night of November 2006, our Spirits will clash.  My Spirit was much stronger, but Mahoney had the "Man Standing in the Shadow" and the Media to shield him.
Excerpts – An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics – August 2008
An article which appeared in one of the local newspapers stated, “usually, when freshmen congressmen have bills in the House, it is something like a post office or something.” Representative Jay Inslee, D-Washington, a five term House member noted.
Another newspaper quoted the following: “In a chamber filled with career politicians – nearly half the members have been in the House at least a decade and more than half served in State legislatures- Mahoney is a rarity, a businessman who had never run for public office.”
Although Mahoney didn't have any referenced in Homeowners Insurance, he pushed bills through the House Financial Services over the objections of the leading Congressional Republicans and President Bush.

The Media's Lover Affair with the Democratic Party began in 2005

 Two years after Bill Clinton took over the Democratic Party in 2003

Here's how it all came about:

Mainstream Media and the Liberal's Setup – The Target
Republican Congressional Mark Foley
The local Chairman of Democratic Party had no clue of the setup when he asked me if I would run on the Democrat ticket against Republican Congressman Mark Foley. He personally knew me and felt if anyone could beat Congressman Mark Foley, it would be me. I thought it over, and finally gave him my answer. Two weeks late, all Hell broke loose:
Excerpt – An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics - 2008
The Liberals already knew that Mark Foley would be destroyed through the bogus E-Mail scandal. That is why the Party starting putting pressure on the other candidates, including myself to get out of the race. When Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Committee in Washington, DC, discovered Tim Mahoney would be facing three opponents in the Democratic Primary, it was ordered that all candidates get out of the race immediately! Mark Foley never saw it coming; neither did anyone else other than the conspiracy team. When Tim Mahoney entered the Democratic race, it was already setup.
First Meeting Candidate Tim Mahoney
Biblical First Beast -  The Book of Revelation - Rev. 13:2
Now the Beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The Dragon/Devil gave him his power, his throne, and great authority.”
August 2005
The Annual St. Lucie Democratic Party Union Candidate Barbecue – Port St. Lucie, Florida
The First time, I recalled meeting Tim Mahoney was at the St. Lucie Labor Union Annual Congressional Barbecue around August 2005. Mahoney refused to sit at the designated candidate table along with David Lutrin, and myself. Candidate David Lutrin pointed Mahoney out to me. I noticed he was standing in the back of the crowded room. My motive was to extend the “Olive Branch,” and invite him to come and join us at the candidate table. As I walked toward him, I noticed the Chairman of the St. Lucie Democratic Party Celeste Bush, and other members were idolizing and hanging on every word Mahoney was saying to them. He suddenly realized by the reactions from his audience that someone was standing next to him. I am about 5'9” without heels, and around 6'1” in heels, reaching well above his shoulders. Mahoney recognized me instantly. Mahoney turned around and looked directly at me. He was startled to see me. Upon recovering, he smiled and said, “Emma – right?” I responded in a diplomatic voice, “No it's Emmie.” He continued, “Okay Emmie, I am glad you stopped by. I meant to get in touch with you.” I am sizing up the man who was creating the dissension in the Democratic Party. I wasn't impressed with what was beginning to unfold in front of me. As I looked into his “pockmarked” face, then into his beady, cold and angry eyes, I saw nothing. It was as if Mahoney did not have a Soul. The eyes are supposed to be the mirror of our Souls. There was nothing there, as if nobody was at home.
Mahoney interrupted my thoughts. “I have been meaning to get in touch with you. Take my card," as he fished in his pocket. He responded with a faked smile as he stated, “When you are ready to talk, give me a call. It doesn't matter what time of night it is, I am available.” My eyes dropped to the card that he was handing me. I recognized it was his company business card with his private number instead of a campaign card. I saw where he was heading with this subliminal message. I wanted to let him know, I was not for sale, and couldn't be bought as a candidate at any price! I said, “No thank you,” and refused to accept his card. Mahoney was stunned as if to say, “This woman who is financially destroyed is going to turn me down!"  To add insult to his inflate ego, I responded, “I have never jumped through hoops for no man, and I am certainly not going to start now!” I looked into that “pockmarked” face and angry eyes once again. Mahoney became extremely angry, and he was losing his composure. I had just given him a" knee jerk” reaction, and was now watching the Evil side of an Illuminati's personality. I could now see and feel a presence of Evil surfacing on his face. This Demonic Spirit that I was witnessing couldn't intimidate me. Then he responded, “No one asked you!” he yelled back. Before departing I stated, “Good because I am certainly not going to bow down to you!” and walked away with my dignity intact.
The Degree of Protecting the “Puppet” by the Liberals
Later, I would discover what happens when you cross Tim Mahoney. I had no idea the degree of power and what great length the Democratic Party, and the man in the shadow's (Bill Clinton) tentacles would go through to protect Mahoney as he basked in the limelight after elimination his competitions, all except one – Emmie Ross.
It's do as I say or Die!”
I was adamant, and refused to get out of this race. I felt from all indications that Almighty God had given me, this was where I needed to be – so I stayed, until He indicated otherwise.
Christians are given by their unknown Enemies what they refer to as the “Last Supper Dinners”
First you are given two Last Supper meals on behalf of your unknown Enemies hidden safely in the shadow. - First come the beginning of the Last Supper – Dinner with your Enemies. The Second and Final Supper phase of the Last Supper Dinner death comes after it is eaten. There is no paper trail left by the unknown Enemies, and you died shortly after eating the your Last Supper.
Like Conservative Andrew Brietbart who was killed in Early 2012, I was given the first of two: “Last Suppers” Meal by the Liberals where you have a meal with your political enemies. Problem: You are unaware of it. It's a mockery of Jesus Christ's Last Supper before he was betrayed by his disciple Judas, and was later crucified on the Cross. It's also the beginning setup of your awaited death. The second meal will be followed by your death.
(In this Video, Andrew Brietbart discussed his dinner with his political enemies: Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn before he got a chance to expose Barack Obama and his ties to Bill Ayers. 3:00 marker of the video listed below.)
Brietbart's First “Last Supper Meal”
Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012 02102012 - FULL SPEECH

Uploaded on Feb 10, 2012

Courtesy of Mediaite via the Right Scoop. (16:06)


Congressional Candidate Emmie Ross's First “Last Supper Meal with The Puppet Tim Mahoney – March 2006

An Icy Luncheon
2nd Meeting with Tim Mahoney
Excerpts from book
Democratic Professional Forum Luncheon – City Place – West Palm Beach, Florida
Wouldn't you know it, there were only two Democratic Congressional Candidates partaking in a scrupulous luncheon at a trendy restaurant at City Place in West Palm Beach! It was interesting to note, Tim Mahoney had refused to sit at the Union Barbecue candidate table with David Lurtin and myself. Now he was being forced to sit across from me whom he hated with a passion, and have a hot meal together before our battle escalated into a war.  We had an icy luncheon. The atmosphere around might have been icy, but my lunch was “yummy!”
The audience was there to check out the candidates. Someone came up with a clever idea of seating the Congressional candidates at the same table. We were the main attraction in the fishbowl! I was checking out Mahoney's body language. He was still angry from our first meeting where I had virtually thrown icy water in his face and rejected his indirect bribery attempt to get me out the Congressional race. As I glanced across at Mahoney, he kept his face so low, his face was almost in his plate. He probably counted every grain of rice on his plate during the luncheon. Someone sitting at the table had commented, “Mahoney, you know Emmie Ross, don't you?" Without looking up, he grunted in a low voice, “Yes, we have met.” Voters get some sort of bizarre pleasure when they can feel some rivalry going on between candidates. They picked up on it instantly, and sat there watching the two of us as our body languages were expressing our distaste for each other.  As I looked once again across the table from the man who had created so much dissension in the Democratic primary, I was thinking, “You are such a coward!  You cannot look me in the face, but you can stab me in my back in a heartbeat!”
The Media's Agenda – Eliminate the six-term powerful Republican Congressman and Assistant Whip in the House of Representative Mark Foley (Clinton's Revenge – Impeachment)

As the Political Coup was being gradually developed, every move that Bill Clinton made, I was right there watching his movements. He desperately wanted me out of the Congressional race in the 16th District; I was his paper trail. He tried everything to move me. What do I do? Switched from the Democratic Party, and became the Independent Candidate. I refused to kow-tow, even after the attempted assassination on my life, and Jesus Christ through Divine Intervention stepped in to shielded me from Bill Clinton, after my second "Last Supper" meal in May 2006!

Part I

When Mainstream Media became influenced by "Vested Interest" of Protecting the Democratic Puppet

On September 29, 2006

Many of the Republican registered voters had already received their absentee ballots or they were were waiting for them in their mail boxes when they arrived home. This E-Mail scandal literally sent shock-waves around the world. A bewildered Mark Foley's world came crashing down upon him. He had no prior knowledge. Foley wanted to stay and fight. He had that warrior mentality even back around 1998 when he went after Bill Clinton, and led the cavalry to have him impeached in the House of Congress. Foley always stood his ground. His political enemies knew they had to get him from the back, and the mission was accomplished

A Political Career Assassinated and Financially Destroyed by Liberals' Mindless Media Parrots
Foley was informed by the anonymous sender to the Media, that if he didn't resign immediately there would be other graphic E-mails coming forth. Foley reluctantly resigned after pressure was applied by another Republican Congressman. Even in doing so, the anonymous sender kept feeding those scandalous emails into the hungry hands of the Media who appeared to be caught up in their own fantasy. They simply could not get enough of reading those Emails, even after Foley resigned. Those E-mails became the first thing people heard when they woke up, and the last thing they probably heard before their heads hit the pillow at night from from the Media.

My Introduction to Mainstream Media (CBS)

Democratic Party, and the Liberal Media danced their victory waltz before a distraught Nation”
As the fallen Congressman was forced to resign from Congress, Foley was no longer a factor in the 16th District Congressional race. The Media, upon Foley's resignation had anointed by default, Tim Mahoney for Congress. As the Independent Candidate who had been shielded from the public by the Liberal Media, I found a way to break through the Media's invisible wall by catching them completely off-guard.
Local stations such as Channel 12 (CBS) with Foley resigning, had declared Tim Mahoney off to Congress. Tim Mahoney was basking in the limelight on television. Suddenly, I picked up the phone and called CBS as they put my call directly into the newsroom. “Not so fast, I am the Independent Congressional Candidate that the Media has tried to hide from the public. My name is Emmie Ross. I am Tim Mahoney's (Democrat) challenger and this race is not over!” That message sent a shock-wave into the Media as they placed me on hold for several minutes. Then someone from the newsroom came back on the line, “Ms. Ross with Foley out of the race, do you feel that you have a better chance of winning now?” I tried to keep my composure while stating, “ I was looking forward to competing with him.” By now the Media was stunned, “Oh really!” I continued, “As a candidate, I am deeply saddened. Sure I would love to go to Congress, but not at the expense of watching an opponent destroyed in the Media. They were stunned by my answer.
The Fallout Behind the Mark Foley's Scandal by the Liberal Media
It's now around the first week in October 2006. Congressman Mark Foley had resigned on September 29, 2006, and dropped out of the Congressional race. Foley's whereabouts were unknown to the public. Foley's alleged sex scandal was still a major issue in the Media. They refused to let it die. To make matters worse, the Democratic Congress kept the scandal alive by announcing after the November Election there would be a Congressional Hearing on Mark Foley. It was an euphoric time leading up to the General Election as the Democratic Party, and the Liberal Media danced their victory waltz before a distraught Nation.

It's not the voters, it's Mainstream Media who decide one's fate in politics on the Federal Level

Have you ever heard the expression, “No Ticket No Laundry?” In “dirty politics” the verbal expression by the Mainstream Media Pimp: “No Pay, No Play to Congress!”

So I didn't pay the  Media Pimp. This was my punishment:

If it appears in the newspaper, it must be true somehow!” Someone stated in my presence after reading, “Emmie Ross is not a viable Candidate" for Congress

St. Lucie Scripps News dated October 2006

With Foley out of the picture, I would soon discover that I was tagged as the Media next process of elimination. Up until that point, they had tried everything one could possibly imagined to get me out of that race. Democrat Tim Mahoney had telegraphed back in August 2006 at the Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum that he wanted it to be strictly a two-way race, which excluded me. I wasn't going to bow down to the whims of Tim Mahoney, the Democratic Party nor the man in hidden in the shadow.

Around the second week in October 2006, Scripps Liberal Media (newspaper) began swaying their readers with “Emmie Ross is not a “viable candidate.” At that point, they could get away with it due to being placed under their 'Editorial Section – Our View.' One cannot sue a newspaper for defaming a candidate if it was published 30 days before the election, and it was their 'opinion.' Slowly, the drumbeat started with the the Liberal Media influencing the voters. That article damaged me in St. Lucie County where I resided as an Independent candidate. I asked for a retraction, Scripps News refused to comply. The bottom line (“of not being a viable candidate) was based on the fact that I had not raised nor actively solicited campaign donations to contribute to them. What did raising money for the Media have to do with my qualification to represent the voters?

Liberal Media and the Democratic Party's Strategy
First to exclude Emmie Ross from CBS Channel 12 Congressional Debate with Republican Joe Negron and Democrat Tim Mahoney
Up until that point, I still refused to raise money for the Mainstream Pimp for a race already fixed for Democrat Tim Mahoney. My motto was:  Let the Voters decide whether I was a “Viable Candidate to serve them in the 16th District – not the Media Pimps. The Media Pimps were adamant, “No Pay, No Play to Congress – period!
CBS Congressional Debate on October 17, 2006
Received a call from a Palm Beach reporter inquiring if I were aware my name was not included in the reporters' roster for the upcoming Congressional Debate with CBS in West Palm Beach, Florida.
On October 18, 2006
Contacted Channel 12 via cell phone to confirm the debate between Democrat Tim Mahoney and Republican Joe Negron scheduled for October 27, 2006 after receiving a phone call from a news reporters covering the upcoming debates.
I was advised of the following by CBS Channel 12:
Tim Mahoney and former Republican Congressman Mark Foley had made an agreement amongst themselves before the Primary that they would have a debate. They signed an agreement for just the two of them and one else could participate. (There was no Democratic Primary Election. I was at the Chamber of Commerce/Jupiter Island Candidate Forum on 8/23/06 at 8:15 am, and witnessed Mahoney orchestrating the upcoming debates with Mark Foley, which excluded me.) I am on record stating to Mahoney, “If there are any debates, I will be included. I have earned that right as an Independent Candidate.)
Eliminated the Independent Candidate, Emmie Ross from any Congressional polling between Republican Joe Negron and Democrat Tim Mahoney
I explained to Management at CBS that this was a three-way Congressional race.  My chances of winning it were greater because I only needed 34% of the votes. (This debate was coming on the heel of Foley being disgraced with alleged E-Mail scandals of sexual misconduct. Many voters were looking to replace Foley with a woman. As a former political strategist, I recognized that Foley's vacancy had just elevated my one woman campaign to a higher level.  I refused to take “No” for an answer by Management at CBS.
The Media Parrots
I continued to press on the issue. “The polling between Mahoney and Negron was misleading the voters. Voters do not realize when they are being polled there are three candidates in the race. This is manipulating the polls. (The manipulating of the polling was being done by Scripps New that was feeding this fraudulent information throughout the Press which other Media services aired to their viewers.)\
CBS Management continued, “We have always had a Republican/Democrat debate and we are not going to change even if it is a three-way race with an Independent Candidate. That's what Mark Foley and Tim Mahoney agreed to when they signed their agreement, and we are going to honor it.” (Let's give CBS Management the benefit of doubt and say former Congressman Mark Foley secretly gave in and went along with the orchestrated debates of Tim Mahoney, and signed the agreement. Why would CBS still be adamant in honoring that agreement on October 18, 2006? Mark Foley had been destroyed in the Media on September 29, 2006, and had been forced out the Congressional race. The Republicans had selected Joe Negron as his replacement as of the 1st week in October. It was easy to add Foley as a conspirator; he couldn't defend himself, because he was at an undisclosed recovery center since he was forced to resign. Even with Foley out of the race, he was still being used as “window dressing.” I was not not buying it, and I pressed forward demanded to be included.)
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” Republican President Abraham Lincoln
With God's guidance, I would test Democrat Tim Mahoney's power, and see if the man  hidden in the shadow (Bill Clinton) will react. I sent an opened E-Mail to Tim Mahoney which stated the following: “Tim Mahoney, you will be sued after the General Election for violating my Freedom of Speech to participate in the debate of October 27, 2006.”
Suddenly, I was invited to be part of CBS upcoming debate.  CBS called the following Friday and stated, “Ms. Ross, we made a mistake and, we apologize. I don't know what I was thinking, etc. Please accept our invitation to be part of the debate on Thursday, October 26th.” I graciously thanked CBS for their invitation and confirmed that I would be attending the scheduled taped debate.
At 7:30 pm with only lipstick and no makeup on, I sat poised in front of the cameras waiting for the debate to begin. I glanced to the right and watched Mahoney as he could only, but slowly shake his head as he watched me with daggers in his eyes. I am thinking, “My existence doesn't require your approval. I don't own your hate, you do.”
2nd Debate to include Emmie Ross and destroy her on NBC television and C-Span airing regrading her Campaign Finance Report
The Liberal Media's agenda was to do a character assassination of me in front of a live audience of 500 which included students, and professors where I attended college as a Political Science major.   I had invited my Political Science Professor Wichello to critique my debate against Democrat Tim Mahoney and Republican Joe Negron. The debate was live and being fed live into millions of viewers homes throughout Florida and C-Span viewers which covered not only the United States, but throughout the entire world.  I wasn't nervous because I couldn't see who was sitting in the audience. The strangest thing happened; I was unable to locate my contacts before the debate, and had to face a “sea of blurred” faces from the audience.
Once again, as I did in the 1st Congressional debate, I said a silent prayer and asked God to speak on my behalf during the debate.
Since the Liberal Moderators couldn't destroy me on my campaign finance reports, they decided to go after me on my website during the debate. One of the commentators stated that they felt that I was not a “viable candidate” because I had not updated by website in the last two months of the campaign. I refused to allow the stupidity of the Media bias to 'ruffle my feathers.' In a calm voice, turning towards the blurred lived audience, I stated: “What does that have do with me being a viable candidate for Congress? I don't have the million of dollars in my 'war chest' to update my website as often as my opponents, and it shouldn't have any validity in representing the people in the 16th District.” The audience agreed. The commentator felt “silly” after that remark and decided to move the debate along.
Up until now God felt that I was holding my own. I never knew when the Holy Spirit of God would intervened. God decided to intervened at that halfway point and pop Democrat Tim Mahoney “right between the eyes.”
At the halfway point of the orchestrated debate, it was scheduled for the candidates to ask each other several questions. Democrat Mahoney, with his nose up in the air tried to ignore my presence. The Liberal’s strategy was, “Pretend she is not there.” It might have worked in the 1st Debate with Tim Mahoney, but it was not going to work in the 2nd Debate. Mahoney was standing on his "'hypocrite" soap box throne with this superior attitude of “Look at me world; I am the best thing since sliced bread.” He was not going to acknowledge my presence. The perfect opportunity came when he tried to appear as if he was above the fray, and was trying to make Republican Negron appear as a 'hypocrite.” Suddenly, the Holy Spirit of God spoke through me and said, “Tim Mahoney, you are no Choirboy!” The statement brought the 'house down' before the live audience. They loved it! That simple statement changed the entire complexity of the debate. That night before the entire world, God unmasked Mahoney by telling how he disrespected me, and orchestrated the debates in August to exclude me. It depicted Mahoney as the “Hypocrite.” It damaged his creditability with the audience.
I had no idea how powerful that statement would have an impact on the debate. The Holy Spirit of God knew, and so did my enemies. I had “unleashed the jowls of Hell” because Tim Mahoney had painted himself as “Going to cleanup Washington once he got Congress.”
The cameraman suddenly zeroed in for a close-up of Mahoney. Boy did that statement hit a Liberal's nerve and Mahoney was caught off guard. Viewers could watch Mahoney as he struggled through his lies without a TelePrompTer coaching him. Mahoney finally ended with, “Emmie, I am sorry,” and something to the fact that he didn't realized that he had offended me, “I don't why Emmie Ross left the Democratic Party; I hope she will come back.” I thought, “Not in this lifetime --- never again would I be a Democrat!” Mahoney and the Democratic Party helped opened my eyes, and I saw the light of “dirty politics!'

Facing an angry NBC  Reporter after the Debate

After the debate was over, Reporter Jamie Holmes of NBC came up to me with an angry look on his face. “Emmie, why did you attack Tim Mahoney? You came cross as 'sour grapes.' Why didn't you go after Republican Joe Negron?” I had known Jamie Holmes since getting into politics. I had never known him in the past to become involved one way or another in “dirty politics." It was quite surprising to see another side of Jamie. I stated to him, “Joe Negron has never disrespected me in public. Tim Mahoney has throughout this campaign, and he is “No Choirboy.”  Holmes walked away.  Oh by the way, Professor Wichello gave me a big thumb up, and took me out to dinner after the debate.  That's the greatest gift a student can receive from a mentor.  The Media's opinon of the debate was worthless to me.
Damage Control
When in doubt how to destroy what they proceeded as a minority candidate.  The Democratic Party called in their Black enforcement of so called"Leaders," to do their dirty work.  After all, even if the Democratic Party is “Racist,” they cannot appear that way. They have to keep their strong Black base, and couldn't be seen as a “Hypocrite.” Everyone else is the “Hypocrite.” The Democratic Party had Blacks call into a very popular Black radio station in Port St. Lucie the very next day after the debate to inform the radio audience that “Emmie Ross' Independent campaign was being funded by the Republican Party.  That was the reason why she attacked Tim Mahoney during the debate.”
This remark set off sparks throughout the vast Black listening audience. One of the hosts on the show saw me the next day and mentioned what had taken place on their live talk show.  He wanted my opinion.  It was explained to the co-host of the talk show that Tim Mahoney tried to keep me out of the debates, and he was called on “the carpet.” The co-host of the live call-in show spoke on my behalf, and addressed the audience the very next day.  The audience understood, and my integrity was restored.
Liberal Media couldn't find any skeletons in my closets, so they created one to insure a victory for Democrat Tim Mahoney in the United States House of Representatives on Election Night of November 2006
Just like with former Congressman Mark Foley, without any prior warning, the Media destroyed the Independent Candidate, just one day before the November Election on a Campaign Finance lie.
After two Congressional debates, and the favorable article in Hometown Newspaper on November 3rd, the momentum that Democrat Tim Mahoney had gained after Foley's departure was steadily being eroded by the Independent Candidate. At this point, the Liberal Media and Bill Clinton, the man always standing in the shadow had come to the realization that getting Mahoney to Congress had become a momentum task, and they saw their plan fading away. In their desperate move to insure Tim Mahoney a victory to Congress, they now had to stop the Independent Candidate. They couldn't destroy me on a sexual scandal or link to me with any anti-groups or ministers with a racial overtone. Since they had nothing to smear with, they created a scandal, and sold it to the readers ---Campaign Finance.
It portrayed me as a desperate woman only in the race because I could not afford to pay for healthcare, and homeowners insurance. The article was used as a smear campaign to destroy my creditability as a licensed insurance agent. The only truth in the entire article was that I had sold land to a rancher to qualify as the Independent Candidate.
Sunday, November 5, 2006, one day before the General Election, the Scripps Liberals Media, Reporters Joe Cranshaw of Stuart News, and Chris Moody of the Washington Scripps Bureau wrote an article in the Sunday's paper which was based on a Nazi Lie. It depicted me as a thief who didn't file her campaign finance report. It assassinated the character of the Independent Congressional Candidate Emmie Ross.  The article ran in every Scripps newspapers, including Port St. Lucie where I resided: Every newspaper throughout the seven counties in the 16th District, Scripps On-Line website that received 1.5 million hits daily, and if you typed in Emmie Ross on Google, a subliminal message would flash across the screen for 10 seconds, “Emmie Ross is not a viable candidate. “ It was too late for Emmie Ross to get a retraction on the eve of Election Day from Scripps News.
On Election Night, I only received 6,000, plus votes.
A Dictatorial World Government – The Enemies From Within